Fellow Engineers,

1.     I and on behalf of the Institution of Engineers Tanzania (IET) wish you all a prosperous and joyous New Year 2014. With deep sorrow and sense of loss, I request those among us who lost their loved ones during the immediate past year to accept my personal and the Institution’s Condolences. May God give them strength and courage to accept that life has to continue. 

2.       On the other hand, I and on behalf of the Council thank all those who in one way or the other helped our Institution or diligently carried out their professional duties for the development of our country. I give special thanks to the Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH), National Housing Corporation (NHC), and Tanga Cement Company for their outstanding assistance to the Institution during the immediate past year.

3.     During the immediate past year, the Institution’s membership increased by 2 Fellows, 4 Senior Members, 45 Corporate Members, 75 Non-Corporate Members and 974 students. It is my sincere hope that more engineers will continue joining the Institution to make our single professional voice not only audible but also effective.

4.     In my similar greetings of year 2013 I reminded you of IET’s major function as being promotion of engineering excellence and building professional skills. In this regard, I highlighted the Institution’s grand project for enhancing local engineering skills to not only solve the country’s increasing social economic problems, but also propel Tanzania to the middle income country category envisaged in the Development Vision 2025. In conclusion I challenged all engineers and particularly local to actively play their professional role of creating physical goods and services for the country’s development. To what extent this challenge was taken, can better be answered by the engineers themselves on individual basis.

 5.   Whether the challenge was taken or not, many problems still persist and many Tanzanians including engineers continue complaining about them. If everybody is complaining who is going to solve our problem? My position is that, since engineering is about solving problems practically, let all of us (engineers) decide to discontinue this song of complaints starting this year (2014). We cannot continue blaming interference from politicians because we have a good number of engineers as; ministers, permanent  secretaries, members of Parliament, Regional Commissioners, Council Executive Directors and Chief Executive Officers of strategic and sensitive Public Corporations.

 6.    Engineers, individually or in groups should devise own strategies and methods for bringing the required change. We can start by adhering to professional ethics and self regulation as key elements in this endeavour. On its part, IET has put in place and continues to implement programmes and/or activities intended to enhance our local engineering capacity. Engineers, both members and non-members are invited to participate in these programmes/activities as listed below.

 a)       IET traditional programmes namely; conferences, professional courses, seminars and site visits.


b)       Engineers Forum and IET website

The Engineers Forum is actually meant for enabling engineers to share information and knowledge for the purpose of solving the country’s social economic problems and hence developing our nation. Given the diversity of culture and behavior of people, some diversions into talk-shop and use of vulgar language can be expected in the cause of using the Forum. In my opinion such behavior should be politely discouraged either by ignoring it or giving the correct version of what was intended. Let us use the Forum for solving the problems we encounter in the course of work, research or doing business. A Forum full of talk-shop is indicative of professional inactivity and hence absence of engineering practice.

c)       Engineers Annual Week

Starting in 2011, IET commemorates the Engineers Annual Week in which engineers wherever they are join the general public in carrying out community work on voluntary basis. The aim is to brand engineering by demonstrating to the people the importance of the profession in everyday life. Engineers also use the week to entice youngsters to join the engineering profession through visits to both primary and secondary schools. This year’s Engineers Annual Week is scheduled for 21st – 27th September, 2014.


d)       Enhancement of Institutional collaboration

IET has instituted and continues instituting collaboration with companies and other institution in capacity building. In particular the institution is finalizing modalities of organizing and supervising internship of all fresh engineering graduates. Furthermore, IET has formed task forces to deal with sector specific problems.


e)       Establishment of Data Bank of Specialist Engineers

IET is in the process of establishing a databank of specialist engineers for the purpose of hastening the building of local capacity. Specialist local engineers are requested to contact the secretariat for details with immediate effect.


f)        Publication of Books/Magazines etc.

IET is now registered as a Publishing House. Engineers are urged and encouraged to write and publish Books through IET.


g)       Arbitration Services:

IET is offering Arbitration services since year 2013. Engineers and other professionals who are qualified and certified as arbitrators are invited to provide their CVs to the Institution. Engineers are also requested to encourage their clients to use IET Arbitration services.


h)       Incentives to Engineers:

IET has established a Benevolent Fund to assist members in hardship.

  • IET has also established a SACCOS especially for young engineers who can use the facility to mobilize start-up capital for self employment.

  • IET starting this year (2014) will introduce and Annual Award of 20m/- to be given to a single engineer or a group of Engineers with outstanding contribution to improvement of the welfare of disadvantage communities. The Award will be given at the end of the Engineers Annual Week and specifically during the Annual Dinner.

7.       Finally, the engineering community is informed that, the NHC building on Pamba Road in Dar es Salaam which was formerly rented jointly by ERB and IET, is since December 1st 2013 rented by only IET. Let us all work together to build the engineering profession in our country and beyond.


 Eng. Malima Bundara (PhD)

18th and Current President

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